Dealer Management Service

Our dealership system was originally designed for MCI, with the aim of improving subscriber’s satisfaction and providing in person distributed services in country. Significant features of this system include high flexibility and integration through multi-layered and distributed architectures, as well as simultaneous management of significant numbers of transactions (High Transaction).

Main features:

  • SIM Registration & Assignment
  • Pre-Paid Billing Service
  •  Post-Paid Credit Services
  • Carriage
  • Corporate Services (B2B)
  • Complaints Management and Ticketing
  • Capable of Providing Reports Regarding Delivered Services to Each Subscriber


Main function:

  • Dealer Profile Management
  • Resource Management / Managing Resources Assigned to dealer (such as phone numbers and SIMs)
  • Calculating Dealer’s Fee
  • Access Management
  • Presentation of agency performance report


More than tens of millions of subscriber’s are currently using this service.



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