BEHSA (Behpardaz Hamrah Samaneh Aval) Corp. was established in July 2017 as a special joint stock company with participation of Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) and Behpardaz Jahan Co. and started its operational activities since the early August of the same year.

As one of BEHSA’s main shareholders, and using its experts and specialists, Behpardaz Jahan Co. started its activities since 2008 in the field of design, implementation and development of comprehensive systems of post-paid and pre-paid customer services and billing systems. With more than a decade experience in MCI, Behpardaz Jahan Co. continues its operation with the same technical and executive team in the structure of the newly established company, Behsa (with participation of Hamrahe Aval and Behpardaz Jahan Co.).

Our Mission

Behsa’s mission consists of IT development, implementation, management and governance in telecommunications industry, which includes consulting, monitoring, contract management, software and hardware supply and network, with an emphasis on fully meeting the requirements of MCI. Moreover, Behsa intends to provide MCI with value added services and platforms

Our Vision

Becoming one of the top three companies in production, provisioning and management of IT solutions in Iran telecom industry and in the West Asia by 2025.

Organizational values

  • Commitment to Social Responsibility
  • Promising
  • e-Creating for All Stakeholders
  • Human Resources Nurture and Respect
  • Organizational Systems and Processes
  • Agile
  • Empowering Professional Ethics through Responsiveness and Accountability
  • Crafting Effective Partnerships with Leading Companies and Organizations
  • Enabling Creativity and Innovation, Knowledge-Based Structures and Organizational Learning

Corporate Strategies

  • Effective Communication with  MCI And Maximizing Opportunities for Participation
  • Establishment and Development of Digital Services
  • Strategic Partnership with Top International Companies in the Field of BSS

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